My Top Five Favorite Pictures of 2018

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

This year has been amazing! I have met the most incredible people on this journey. I have been sitting and staring at this computer because it look me so long to narrow it down to 5 photos. All of my galleries are something I hold near and dear to my heart. These photos in particular are my favorites for reasons all on their own.

5. Secret Handshake

After the ceremony, we made our way back up for family photos to the hay field. You can see more of this beautiful wedding here. As Barrett and Silva waited for friends to join them OUT OF NOWHERE I catch them doing this secret handshake. I don't know what the requirements are for getting into this club, but I want to learn this handshake!

4. These Foreheads are Made for Touchin'

Jennifer and Dwayne were the bubbliest (is that a word?) couple I have met to date. Every pose or idea that came their way they put in 110% effort. You can see their amazing photos here. As we were ending the session I asked them to touch foreheads. This became a much bigger feat to accomplish than I thought. At most, it gave me a good laugh along with Jennifer and Dwayne. Side note, they nailed the pose.

3. Here Horsey Horsey

Something about this picture just is amazing to me. My eyes have to adjust every time I stare at it. It just gives me the warm and fuzzies. When you can capture a moment that seems like we were on a farm with wide open spaces, but in reality we were pretty close to the road. I told Genia that people were going to think they had horses after seeing these images here.

2. Give it the Old College Try

Jess is a friend of mine who is graduating from NC State. We walked around Camden Park until we got to these sheep sculptures. You can see more of this model-in-training here. Her mom came up with the best idea for pictures. She handed over her glasses and told her to push the tassel up with her breath. At first, Jess was acting like it was a mustache tickling her lips. Then she inhaled deeply and sent that tassel flying! It was the best action shot to date!!

1. Not Your Mom's Wedding Photo

This may seem like a normal picture to most, but it has a different feel. The sun was setting and Samantha was freezing her tail off as we shot these portraits. We walked around this large tree and got every angle at lightning speed so we could get this beautiful bride inside. As I walked up towards them for this picture I could just see their relationship radiating from their smiles. I mean, look at how happy they are! My face hurt because I was smiling so much that day. You can see their gorgeous wedding here.

So, that's it! I send this year off with a letter like all my blog posts.

Dear 2018,

Even though we didn't start this journey until July, you have given me blessing after blessing with clients. I have so many new friendships that I hold close to my heart. 2018, you were great, so I know 2019 has many more surprises waiting for me.

Thank you everyone who has allowed me to take pictures of your weddings, families, babies and loved ones! If I didn't have you I wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream. Love you guys!

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