Moose Lodge - Etheridge Wedding

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Jacqueline & Josh were weeks away from their wedding when my husband asked Jacqueline if they had booked a photographer. Cue the sales pitch for his photographer wife.

I'll never forget the day my husband texted me and said, "I think I got a wedding gig for you." (Who am I, Led Zeppelin?) My heart raced and I anxiously awaited Jacqueline's phone call. My first wedding, I thought. We chatted about the date and details needed for her wedding day. Then came the dreaded question, "Have you done any weddings?" Nope.

I explained that I hadn't yet, but in my mind I had hoped to ask my friend and fellow photographer Christa to come with me. Jacqueline said, "It would be special to know I was your first wedding." (Jackpot!) This phone call gave me a wave of emotions. I was extremely interested in becoming a wedding photographer, but it's like the real world. You can't get a job without experience, but you can't get experience without a job. So, I started researched lenses, equipment, flashes, anything I would need for her big day. I won't let you down!

The morning of I was so jittery I could barely eat anything. I felt like I was on my way to prom. (Class of '08!) I packed up my gear, extra batteries, water, snacks, extra shoes, a lint roller and a sewing kit. Thanks Pinterest! I pulled up to Christa's farm and we set on our hour ride into Wilson, North Carolina. I bombarded Christa with questions, any last information I could soak up before arriving to Jacqueline's house.

When we arrived the girls were doing each other's hair and makeup and enjoying pizza (yum!) before driving to the Moose Lodge. Jacqueline's makeup was so beautiful. They had a Rock-a-Billy Inspired, Pin-up Wedding that I thought was the coolest wedding idea. Her makeup fit the era perfectly and to top it all off the short dress and red pumps were to die for. Back at Josh's family home the men were just about ready to head over to the Moose Lodge as well. Christa and I snapped pictures of the wedding bands and the groomsmen before driving to the reception location.

The girls piled into the dressing room for last minute makeup touches and helped Jacqueline in her dress. There was a large mirror, a full length mirror and a half a dozen ladies in this dressing room. I giggled as we climbed over bags, chairs and other obstacles to capture the getting ready moments.

The back of this dress was so elegant. It took the girls a few minutes to lace up the back, but when it was tied together Jacqueline looked beautiful! She was ready to walk down that aisle to her future husband. Dad came into the dressing room to take a look at his gorgeous daughter. You could tell he was so proud of her. They embraced as the bridesmaids walked out into the hallway and waited to be called into the ceremony hall.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and we headed outside for pictures. Hurricane Florence ran through North Carolina a week prior and the fire ants came out to play. We were able to take pretty pictures of the family and friends before returning to the reception call. Friends and family gathered around the couple as they celebrated with amazing food, a huge dessert bar and music. The celebrate went on hours after we left, but you could tell they didn't want the night to end.

Dear Josh & Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for having me at your wedding to shoot this momentous occasion for you two. I am forever grateful to you for having me photograph your wedding!

xo Taylor





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