Massey Family - Great Bend Park - Burlington NC

It was November. I still remember their smiles during the ceremony. The love they had walking into the reception. The dance they shared with their daughter. The hugs from family. As I packed up the Jeep I knew I would be seeing these amazing people again.

Not long before Brianna and Kaleb's wedding, Samantha reached out for family pictures. I jumped at the chance to see this little family again. I found a pretty amazing little spot in Burlington. From the pictures it looked vast and gorgeous. Samantha and Preston invited Dustin, Easton and I for a cookout after the session. We never turn down a good cookout. When Dustin and I pulled up, all I could see were bathrooms. Uh oh.

Samantha, Preston and Laila hopped out of the truck and Preston mentioned that he was familiar with this area because he grew up right down the road. We walked down a few steps and followed a path to find the Haw River Dam. As we walked, we could start to hear the water. This was a good sign. We turned right and saw this beautiful dam and the wide river. We scanned a few places, climbed some rocks, and found a few shady areas to take photos.

As we headed back to our vehicles I said, "Are we following you?" Samantha nodded. I've never said that to a family after a session before, but I was excited for it. We celebrated Samantha's birthday with her family. With the warm weather, music and good food (good job Preston) it started to feel like summer time. We said our goodbyes when the sun set behind the trees and invited them over for events to come.

Dear Samantha & Preston,

It was so nice seeing the three of you again! I can see this friendship growing and my little family is excited to spend more time with you. We warned you that if our families met, you were stuck with us! See you guys soon. Love you guys!

xo Taylor

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