Mandi + Steffan - Camelback Bridge

I wait inside the Jeep. Scrolling through my phone. I see an SUV pull up next to me. I lean forward and smile. I see Mandi and Steffan smile back. I hop out, round the back of the Jeep and greeted by a furry friend. Shy, but sweet. Della and her brother Gray. I just became more excited about this engagement session.

Mandi and Steffan reached out for pictures a couple of months back. Through small talk we found out that their house is actually very close to where we live. We decided on Camelback Bridge at Deep River Park in Sanford. It's an old metal bridge with a kayak launch on one side and a field on the other. I have been to this bridge a couple of times before and knew this would be a beautiful backdrop.

The sun was coming down and we brought their fur babies near the field. It was only sprouts, but made for a very different setting in pictures. The sun peeked through the pine trees and we had all four of them sit for pictures.

As we made our way up the bridge we noticed quite a few people hanging out and admiring the river. The river was low, but there was enough down there for kayaking and swimming. It's hard to believe this bridge was closed back in the fall because of the hurricanes.

Throughout this session Mandi and Steffan giggles and made faces. It was subtle, but sweet. They have a genuine connection for one another and it showed. With some dancing, headlocks and the occasional sticking out of the tongue, we were able to capture who Mandi and Steffan are. The exhaustion was hitting us like three-year-olds who just needs a good nap. We all held in our giggles for a couple more shots before calling it a night.

The session ended and we couldn't help, but continue our conversations back by the vehicles. We talked military, babies and wedding planning. We eventually said our goodbyes because Mandi hinted at her bed time. (You probably thought I'd forget that part!) and drove down the same streets to head back home.

Dear Mandi +Steffan,

Thank you so much for inviting me into your wedding plans. I am so thrilled to share these images with you and I cannot wait until your wedding day! You have less than a year left and I know we will be hanging out soon. Love you guys!

xo Taylor

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