Sharpe Wedding | The Roost at Butler Farm | Staley NC

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

He turns around. Hands folded. Eyes closed. Head down. The music falls quiet. Her song begins to play. You can see his shoulders relax. She's walking. Kaleb turns around. He sees Brianna. The one he has waited so long to see. Through the sunlight you can see her smile. Her Nanny walks her down to Kaleb. He is with her once again.

I had the honor of photographing Brianna and Kaleb's wedding. The Roost at Butler Farm in Staley, NC is a venue, tucked away from the main road, with a gravel path, and a beautiful wooden venue. I arrived to the bridal suite in the late morning to see some familiar and some new smiling faces! Brianna's maid of honor was Samantha. Even though they are cousins, they have this calming presence on the outside that could keep you at ease. As I set my bag down, I took a look around to take some snapshots before the guests started arriving.

I bounced back and forth from the Groom's cabin and the bridal suite. Brianna and Kaleb wrote letters to one another before the ceremony. The emotions throughout the morning were overwhelming at times. I suggested to Kaleb about doing a first look with his mother. As we waited for her, Kaleb had his boutonniere placed on his vest. I took a couple of photos before asking who the man was in the picture frame. Kaleb looked at me puzzled. I asked the question again and pointed. Kaleb looked down to see his grandfather's portrait hanging from his boutonniere. He was stunned. Kaleb didn't realize Brianna had this put on his boutonniere for him. You could see his emotions about this picture. It meant a lot to him to have his grandfather there with them. When he was ready, I took his mom to stand and wait for her son all dressed up and ready to see his bride. As soon as she turned the expressions were hard to hide. She embraced him with a warm and lingering hug. Her boy. All grown up. Into a man she was proud of.

After the ceremony, the day seemed to fly by. Brianna and Kaleb were so relaxed and willing to grab amazing husband and wife portraits before the reception. People then gathered to watch the newlyweds tear up the dance floor and eventually joined in on the festivities of line dancing.

I could see above the tree tops the sun was hanging. I decided it was the perfect time to get Brianna and Kaleb one last time for sunset portraits before the evening winded down. By that time their movements were 2nd nature to them. It's always beautiful to see two people mesh so well together.

Mr. & Mrs. Sharpe

Dear Mr.& Mrs. Sharpe,

Thank you so much for inviting me into your big day. I enjoyed seeing so many family and friends come together to celebrate your love. I know I will be seeing a lot more of you two in the near future! Love you guys!

xo Taylor

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