Kristin + Brandon | Raleigh Rose Garden

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

We decided on 6:15 am. Sunrise session. I arrived at Raleigh Rose Garden and realized it had rained all night long. The ground was wet. The landscape wasn't able to dry as the sun slowly rose. The clouds hid the sun as day began to break. It was then I saw their car. Smiles and all.

I met Kristin and Brandon the Friday before this sunrise session. We had mere hours before hanging out together again. I got to really know these two at Starbucks before enjoying the engagement session together.

From emailing Kristin I knew we had a couple of things in common. Kristin went to Catholic University for her graduate studies. Her and her family are from Massapequa in Nassau County on Long Island. Coming from Rocky Point and my cousins both attended CUA, we had already made two pretty crazy connections. To stay active and involved in the community she joined a flag football league. During the last game she came across a guy on the opposing team. She decided to ask him to play for their team. His name was Brandon.

They told me about how they would walk home and always stopped at Rocky Run Park. They would sit on the swings or the slide and just talk for hours. Their first night they looked at their phones and realized it was one in the morning. They had work the next day, but didn't want the night to end.

This became their spot over the next several months. On one particular night, while the two decided to go grab sushi, Brandon said they were in their competition mode. With this, Kristin suggested (with helpful hints from Brandon) to race up the slide at Rocky Run Park. His plan was for her to race up, leaving him behind, and as she turned she would see the next chapter of her life kneeling right in front of her.

These two are beyond adorable. A real life Barbie and Ken who play football and keep the spirit of competition alive.

Dear Kristin + Brandon,

Thank you so much for coming out to do this very early and very wet engagement session! I told you your face would hurt by the end of it and I know my face it hurting all over again as I look at these pictures of you two! You have such a light-hearted spirit about you that is truly inspiring. Don't ever lose that! Love you guys!

See you in November!

xo Taylor

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