Down by the River - Beasley Wedding

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

When I pictured a family farm wedding I pictured livestock, a field and maybe a barn. This wedding, in particular, was beyond my wildest dreams.

Barrett and Silva both attended Northwood High School in Pittsboro, NC. They started dating when Barrett was a Sophomore and Silva was a Junior. They are high school sweethearts who have a love you only thought existed in the movies. Years before they were engaged, Silva told Barrett's Grandfather that she always wanted to be married down by the river on their family's farm. Who knew that one day she would see her dreams come true.

I arrived to the reception location; which was set behind his grandparent's house. The big white tent overlooked these gorgeous hay rolls. Barrett and his groomsmen arrived shortly after I did with a warm welcome. You see, Barrett and my husband Dustin were in the Fire Academy together. They hit it off and stayed in contact with one another. Dustin received a text one day asking if I would be available to photograph their wedding. Yes, please! So, while Dustin and Easton enjoyed the wedding from a guest perspective I enjoyed it from behind the lens. Barrett and the groomsmen were taken down to the ceremony location before Silva and her bridesmaids arrived to the farm. The river was across the way and down a dirt road. Because of the recent hurricane, the guests were escorted by tractor.

Silva arrived and she was as cool as a cucumber. (She told me that night she was sorry for being so stressed... what?) When I tell you that this dress was stunning, it is an understatement. It was champagne with bead and lace that fell to the floor. It couldn't be altered based on the sequence and beading this dress had. The back was lined with buttons and a pattern every bride wants to flaunt. Silva wore this dress as if it was made specifically for her.

Getting ready with Silva was her sister, Kindergarten best friends, sister in law and her mother. They did their hair and makeup at Silva and Barrett's home and put her dress on at the reception location. (Can you believe the curls Silva has? Gorgeous!) Once Silva was in her dress the ladies toasted with champagne and Trader Joe's cups. That's my kind of toast.

With the ladies all ready for the ceremony I headed down the road to the ceremony location. It was along another hay field and a path covered in greenery before it opened up to a hidden field alongside the river. I can see why Silva chose this as her ceremony location. Sitting at their seats, were friends and family, anxiously awaiting the moment Silva and her parents would walk out onto the field. Barrett held back his emotions as his beautiful bride glided across the field towards him. It was a moment we all wanted to live in forever.

With heartfelt prayer, beautifully recited vows and excited applause, Mr. and Mrs. Beasley were married! I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house. (I'm not crying, you're crying!) As the guests were chauffeured back to the reception for cocktail hour, we hung back to take some memorable pictures of the wedding party and family members by the river. The lighting was absolutely perfect after the ceremony as the sun was fading fast behind the tall pine trees. Silva finally got the wedding and husband of her dreams. With the reception following pictures, more guests arrive to give the newly weds their best wishes and love. Barrett and Silva's friends ate, laughed, danced and camped out on the family farm. What better way to end a beautiful day than to dance under the stars.

Dear Barrett & Silva,

Thank you for allowing me to photograph this special day for you two!!! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. xo Taylor





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