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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I sat in the Jeep waiting for Ashley and Ronnie to meet me at the front of their complex. They pulled into a parking spot. As we met I was greeted with handshakes and warm smiles. They were excited for what was to come, but unsure about the journey. I explained the process and how much fun we were going to have. They started to relax.

Ronnie and Ashley offered to give me a ride to the areas around Wakefield Plantation. The Wakefield Plantation is a beautiful golf course community where the US Open was played this year. I could already tell Ronnie was excited about golf and getting these details in their pictures.

As we drove to the first area we started some small talk. I was able to hear the way Ashley and Ronnie met. How they got to know each other as friends and wanted to see if this could be something special. As Ashley explained their story I could tell how happy these two were. It was a different happiness that I hadn't come across yet. It was happiness filled with hope.

Ashley and Ronnie were given life decisions that ultimately led each other to one another. And even during their "life as a movie" they always knew who had to come first. Their children. Those bonds are the reason their family dynamic works incredibly well with their four children.

As I broke down my process for this engagement session I could tell Ashley and Ronnie were nervous. They giggled a lot and I played off of their giggles to make them feel amazing. Turning the camera around to show them how well they photographed together. I could feel their nerves slip away. During a moment of taking pictures of her engagement ring Ronnie's face lit up. He looked at Ashley and said, "This is the first time the ring will be photographed like this." Ronnie explained how this art deco ring has been handed down from his family for generations. It can be traced all the way back to the origin in New York where it was made. I felt so honored to take pictures of this ring to celebrate a beautiful family heirloom.

After two hours of walking around a fountain, benches, pathways and entrances we could feel the engagement session coming to an end. These two made my job so easy. They were easy to photograph and really easy to talk to. They are genuine people who just want to find the humor in life's crazy storyline.

Dear Ashley + Ronnie,

Thank you so much for letting me take your engagement session pictures. You showed me that love has no boundaries even when it seems like the world is against you. For that, I know you two have found your happily ever after. I can't wait to see what your future brings! Love you guys!

xo Taylor

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