Amanda + Scott | Jordan Lake

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Chance of Thunderstorms all weekend. The rain has lightened up since sunrise. The weather app says clouds for one hour during the morning. I pull into the Jordan Lake Recreational Campground. The rain hasn't started. We may have a chance. Will it hold off?

I was on my way into Ebenezer Recreation Park at Jordan Lake when I was spotted by Scott and Amanda at the entrance. We drove down to the very end where the parking lot and beaches lined the lake. Amanda popped out of the car with a clear umbrella and I instantly smiled. What a great idea! They were ready to take their pictures rain or shine. Amanda and Scott decided to start with their casual outfit before changing into more of a dressier choice based on the style guide. (Now I have even more gorgeous pictures for that guide!)

We wandered around the beaches where we could tell that no one had walked that morning. Originally, our plan was to have a sunrise session the day before Memorial Day on Jordan Lake. I don't know why my brain didn't automatically rethink this, but Amanda and Scott were so open to the rescheduling! The clouds were giving us the amazingly even light over Jordan Lake and also kept away the campers! We had the beaches to ourselves. It was absolutely perfect.

We started the session giggling and getting into the motions of posing. I could tell these two giggled a lot in their relationship. It's something everyone should aspire to have. Laughter is such a beautiful thing! The more we moved around the easier it become for these two to become natural in front of the camera. Once I blended into the background I was able to find out who Amanda and Scott truly were. I think at one point I caught them talking about ketchup packets. That's how you know your beautiful couples are comfortable taking pictures with you! They quickly changed into their second outfits and that's when their professional modeling came out.

We left the morning excited for the events to come!

Dear Amanda + Scott,

Thank you so much for letting me take your engagement pictures! My cheeks definitely hurt by the time I got home. Your wedding is going to be so beautiful because of the two of you! I can't wait to see each other again! Love you guys!

xo Taylor

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