Jamileth & TJ were married at the Treyburn Country Club tucked away in Durham, North Carolina.

Leading up to the Labor Day weekend celebrations, I arrived at the country club to music and gorgeous bridesmaids in silk robes. The more I looked through the details, the more excited I became for the ceremony. Jamileth had a classic yet simplistic eye for how she wanted her wedding to look.

As the shade filled the courtyard, the music began and the procession walked down the aisle filled with loved ones. The tears from TJ as his bride walked down the aisle moved everyone watching. It seemed hard for him to regain composure after seeing how beautiful she looked in her dress.

Despite the pandemic, they were able to have friends and family come to sing, dance and laugh throughout the night. Groomsmen speeches about pumpkin-eating Kindergarten stories and even Tj's great aunt traveling all the way from New Mexico. It was perfect.

No wedding should ever end without a special exit and the getaway car! Tj's dad kept it running as they walked hand in hand to their red convertible. Smiles filled the overhang as they drove underneath the stars.

Congratulations Jamileth and TJ!

When I met Steffan and Mandi at Starbucks in Sanford I didn't think I would be meeting two people I would call friends.

The morning of the wedding I was so excited to finally see Steffan and Mandi get married at The Barn at Woodlake Meadows. When I arrived, I rushed to see the ceremony decor. Baby's breath and greenery. It was simple yet beautiful. I couldn't wait to see the bride and groom.

The girls were in adorable gray pajamas getting their final touches of hair and makeup done as I walked up. We made sure to photograph their comfy outfits and personalized tumblers before Mandi headed to the first look with Richie, her father.

Through the jokes about not being able to wear his hat or sunglasses, you could tell Richie was so happy to see his baby girl in her wedding gown.

Steffan and Mandi's families were waiting for this beautiful moment. To toast, honor and show off the bride and groom. Between the dances and sentimental slideshow, Mandi and Steffan knew this night could never be replicated.

The night ended with sparklers and surprise fireworks! Every wedding should end with a celebratory firework show.

Here's to Steffan and Mandi, Mr. and Mrs. Bublitz! Congratulations you two!